M.A.W.L. is the oldest women’s bar association in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. M.A.W.L. was established in 1905 at a time when women were not even allowed to vote.  The Association grew out of dinner meetings held several times a year by Boston’s few women attorneys, who met to exchange and offer support to each other.  The Association has certainly grown since that time and has enjoyed great success over the past one hundred years thanks to the dedication of its past presidents and members.  M.A.W.L. boasts many of the Commonwealth’s judges as its past Presidents and members. Please find and enjoy the list of MAWL’s current and past Presidents below:

2013-14 Judy McKinnon 1960-61 Lillian Sorkin
2012-13 Mary Anne Chardo Johnson 1959-60 Mary E. Lennon
2011-12 Veronica Kane 1958-59 Hon. Gertrude R. Halloran
2010-11 Hon. Patricia Gorman 1957-58 Elsie L. Cooper
2009-10 Jane Tauber Barney 1956-57 Leona Bromwell Jones
2008-09 Annette Hines 1955-56 Deborah Greenberg Fedman
2007-08 Michelle Lespasio 1954-55 Norma Karaian
2006-07 Rosemary V. Eacmen 1953-54 Eleanor Odien
2005-06 Jocelynne Deborah Welsh 1952-53 Mary W. Fidler
2004-05 Carol L. Reiter 1951-52 Blanche M. Quaid
2003-04 Martha R. O’Mara 1950-51 Arlene Molloy Thomas
2002-03 Bridget Gassner 1949-50 Margaret M. Curley
2001-02 Rosemary McAuliffe 1948-49 Dorothy V. Hennessey
2000-01 Diane J. Capozzoli 1947 48 Marion L. Gaffney
1999-00 Lori A. Cianciulli 1946-47 Grace F.  King
1998-99 D. Ring Kelleher 1945-46 Mary  T. Duffy
1997-98 Maria A. Luise 1944-45 Hon. Anna E. Hirsch
1996-97 Margaret B. Drew 1943-44 Julia Hoffman
1995-96 Celia Weinstein 1942-43 Anna Carey Curley
1994-95 Lois Morse 1941-42 Grace Minton O’Hare
1993-94 Dianne W. Hayes 1940-41 Ines DiPersio
1992-93 L. Kimball Pino 1939-40 Mary Higgins Kelly
1991-92 Juliane Balliro 1938-39 Mary F. Pray
1990-91 Laura R. Studen 1937-38 Anna D. Mcinerny
1989-90 Barbara M. Senecal 1936-37 Julia M, Enegess
1988-89 Mary Jane Drinkwater 1935-36 Helena V. O’Brien
1987-88 Dorothea C. Cadiff 1934-35 Theresa C. Dowling
1986-87 Marie Monahan 1933-34 Hon. Emma S. Tousant
1985-86 Evajean M. Mintz 1932-33 Marjorie Hurd
1984-85 Frances M. Burns 1931-32 Angela C. O’Brien
1983-84 Evelyn W. Suchecki 1930-31 Hazel Cumane Gow
1982-83 Hon. Suzanne V. DelVecchio 1929-30 Marie Reymond Chaplick
1981-82 MaryAnn K. Clark 1928-29 Susanne  P. Shallna
1980-81 Hon. Nancy M. Gould 1927-28 Bertha R. Kiernan
1979-80 Hon. Margot P. Kosberg 1926-27 Theresa A. Crowley
1978-79 Danielle E. deBenedictis 1925-26 Greta C. Coleman
1977-78 Hon. Ruth L. Kleinfeld 1924-25 Rose Kingsley
1976-77 Hon. Dorothy Caprera 1923-24 Elizabeth M. Taylor
1975-76 Mary C. Ricketson 1922-23 Hon. Sadie L. Shulman
1974-75 Barbara A. Macey 1921-22 Harriet Weiler
1973–74 Hon. Barbara L. Hassenfeld 1920-21 Hon. Emma Fall Schofield
1972-73 Hon. Doris R. Pote 1919-20 Hon. Sybil H. Holmes
1971-72 AnnW.Lake 1918-19 Hon. Jennie Loitman Barron
  1970-71 Margaret Kelly Doyle 1916-17 Pauline Hartstone
1969-70 Hon. Aileen H. Belford 1915-16 Mary Agnes Mahan
1968-69 Hon. Sheila E. McGovern 1914-15 Vera Ryan
1967-68 Rita Marie Mattie 1913-14 Edith H. Haynes
1966-67 Hon. Louise Day Hicks 1912-13 Clara E. Powers
1965-66 Celia B. Blumerfield 1911-12 Amy F. Acton
1964-65 Jeanne M Maloney 1909-11 Unknown
1963-64 Gertrude S. Atwood 1907-09 Mary L. Tyler
1962-63 Ethleen H. Dover 1906-07 Eliza W.M. Bridges
1961-62 Ann C. Tuohy 1905-06 Carol Jewel Cook


The Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers recently published a history, entitled “One Hundred Years of Women Lawyers”. If you would like a copy, we would be happy to send you one upon request with payment of your dues. If you have already paid your dues and would like a copy, please send an email to MAWL at info@mawl.org.