The Carol DiMaiti Scholarship Award

For the past several years, the Massachusetts Association of Women Lawyers’ Carol DiMaiti Scholarship has been awarded to a law student attending a Massachusetts law school. The scholarship is offered to students entering their second and third year of law school and is based on financial need and academic achievements.

Carol DiMaiti, a tax attorney, was a respected member of the legal profession. The circumstances of her death caused national headlines and brought the problem of domestic violence to the forefront. Since that time, Carol has been memorialized by MAWL through the annual presentation of a scholarship in her name.

The scholarship fund is chaired by attorneys Juliane Balliro and Maria Luise. Each April, over sixty applications are received and the fund has been able to award at least $1,000 each year toward the tuition of a law student.

This particular fund is maintained solely through voluntary contributions made throughout the year as well as fund raising events.